of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (Study in Iraq)  

Al-Ayen University announced the completion of its plan to receive non-Iraqi students, which includes free scholarships in the various colleges and departments of the university, through which it aims to promote cultural exchange and improve the scientific level through accepting students from multiple nationalities. 

The plan will include medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, Petroleum engineering, health and medical technologies in five departments, namely anesthesia techniques, dental techniques, radiology and sonar techniques, optics techniques, medical laboratory techniques, and technical engineering in the departments of computer technology engineering and medical device technology engineering. In addition to physical education and sports science. 

It is worth mentioning that Al-Ayen University was established in 2017, and was involved in the Webometrics, RUR, Impact Times classification, and the University has signed a number of cooperation agreements and memorandums of understanding with various Iraqi and foreign universities.